Permanent Bracelets
For Everyone.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to get a permanent bracelet?

At Permanent Jewelry of Miami, we require you to schedule an appointment prior to coming in to get your permanent bracelet. Our staff is busy and not always at the office location so it is best that you call or text us to set an appointment to get your permanent bracelet done. 

Do permanent bracelets weld onto your skin?

Of course not! Getting a permanent bracelets are not like tattoos when it comes to permanent. Permanent bracelet welding is completely safe and pain free! It will not cause any damage to your skin or leave any marks. You have nothing to worry about!

Are permanent bracelets worth it?

Absolutely! Permanent bracelets aren't just the newest trending topic in the beauty world. They hold a lot more meaning and value than you think. Whether you are on a vacation trip with your family or friends and want to get a memorable souvenir that will always remind you of the awesome times spent together, to a cute date idea to solidify a commitment/relationship, permanent bracelets hold meaning beyond one’s imagination. No matter of it being a fun itinerary activity or milestone you have achieved, Permanent Jewelry of Miami will assist you in any way for your permanent bracelet.

Can I gift a permanent bracelet?

Yes, as long as you get your permanent bracelet welded on locally, you can definitely gift a permanent bracelet. We offer prepaid gift cards/payment vouchers to give to your loved one as a gift. Anyone with this giftcard/voucher can come in and we’ll weld any permanent bracelet of the value of the gift card/voucher.

Can I get surgery with a permanent bracelet?

Advise with your surgeon/doctor prior before and see if you are allowed to leave your jewelry on. If the answer is no, do not fear, we offer free removal services to get that bracelet off and free repairs after your surgery is done. As long as you. hold onto your chain and do not lose it, we are happy to re-weld your permanent bracelet back on!