Removal Of Permanent Jewelry and Easy ways How to Remove it

In depth guide to all your questions about permanent jewelry removal

- Din Saydkhuzhin, December 27th, 2023.

Wait! Before Considering Getting Rid Of Your Permanent Jewelry, Read The Article Below...


While allergies are relatively uncommon, they can occur unexpectedly in anyone. All of our jewelry is hypoallergenic but allergies may still occur. If that were to happen, it is recommended that you remove your permanent jewelry.

Change Of Style

Occasionally people change their styles and their sense of fashion. If for some reason your permanent jewelry doesn't appeal to you anymore, feel free to remove it. But if your permanent jewelry has sentimental value, we recommend you keep it forever!


Unexpected damage can occur to any accessory you own. If your permanent jewelry has received damage such as scuffing, bending, warping or other damage that is irreparable, it is suggested to remove that piece of jewelry and bring it to us for repair.

3 Easy And Safe Ways to Remove Your Permanent Jewelry:

Use Professional Cutting Pliers

Using professional cutters for permanent jewelry or any other small sized cutting pliers is a perfect way to snip away your permanent jewelry. 

Toenail Clippers/Scissors

Toenail clippers or scissors are another easy method since every household has both of these stored away in your drawers! For scissors, it is recommended that you use regular sized or kitchen scissors for an easier cut.  

Schedule An Appointment With Your Permanent Jeweler

If you are not comfortable with taking off your permanent jewelry at home, schedule an appointment with out jewelry specialist for a removal. Come into our office and it'll take less than a minute!



Knives are great for cutting through vegetables, cheeses and meats, but they are not suitable to remove your bracelet/anklet. Do not use a knife to attempt to remove your permanent jewelry due to safety reasons.


Torches are great to make a delicious crème brûlée when handled with care and skill, however, do not attempt to apply a torch to melt a link on your permanent jewelry to remove it! Use something safe like clippers or scissors.

Chemicals (Acid/Solvents)

Chemicals are something you shouldn't even consider when it comes to removing you permanent jewelry! Sure, they're great for cleaning tough stains, like grout between bathroom tiles, but chemicals will only tarnish and ruin your permanent jewelry and will not remove them!

In Conclusion...

It is best that you reconsider removing your permanent bracelet if you are not required to. If you are required to remove it for medical, professional or personal reasons, I recommend either getting in contact with your permanent jeweler and ask him about the easiest and quickest way to remove your permanent bracelet or anklet. Not all permanent jewelry is made from the same material or is the same in size/thickness, therefore by explaining what permanent piece you have on and the material that you have, he will direct you towards the best removal method at home or invite you for a free removal at the jeweler's office!