The Tools I Use For Permanent Jewelry

All of the best and most efficient tools to use when welding permanent jewelry.

- Din Saydkhuzhin, January 3rd, 2024.

Orion mPulse Plus Welder + Microscope Set

To start off, the primary tool I use to weld is the Orion mPulse Plus welding kit that comes with a pulse arc base unit that's touchscreen, a microscope with 5X magnification and shutter-eye protection, swing-arm microscope holder, a welding stylus, 10 tungsten welding rods and USB port and cable. It is one of the best welding kits for a variety of materials such as gold, silver and many other metals. The welder has 27 different Ws settings from 3 to 30Ws in increments of 1Ws. The microscope with shutter-eye protection makes it very safe with looking at the welding point as it shuts closed for a split second to not cause any eye damage.