Removal of Permanent Jewelry and Easy Ways How To

- Din Saydkhuzhin, December 27th, 2022

In depth guide to all your questions about permanent jewelry removal.

Wait! Before Considering Getting Rid Of Your Permanent Jewelry, Read The Article Below...

permanent jewelry gold initial bracelet

Where can I take my permanent jewelry without having to take it off?

If you have recently gotten a permanent bracelet, anklet, necklace or other type of jewelry welded on, you might have some reconsidering thoughts on where you can wear the piece without having to remove it off so quickly. Luckily, permanent jewelry is made to last and worn for a long time.

Below, I have written a few examples of where you can wear your permanent jewelry to without having to remove it! 



Many tend to remove all of their accessories before enjoyed a nice, hot shower or bubbly bath due to oxidation, tarnishing or any other type of corrosion, but with your permanent jewelry piece, you don't have to worry. Most of permanent jewelry, especially gold filled or 14k solid gold is made to be safely taken into water of any temperature and can be washed with regular household soaps and shampoos without sustaining any damage.

swimming pool splash



Whether it's your backyard pool, a community pool, a waterpark, or any pools that use chlorine or other chemicals, your permanent jewelry piece will handle standard chemicals used to keep pools clean. If you have been in a chlorinated pool for extended hours, it is recommended to gently wash/clean your piece after swimming. You can read about cleaning your piece on our infographics page.


Everyone loves a relaxing day at the beach and a refreshing dip in the ocean! Taking your permanent jewelry into salt waters isn't something you should be concerned about. Whether it's playing in the sand, beach volleyball, swimming in the ocean or any aquatic sports, your permanent jewelry is totally safe in sand or salt waters! Just give it a simple cleaning and you are good to go!

permanent jewelry woman sleeping


The average person would remove all of their accessories before going to bed to ensure that nothing will break, but with permanent jewelry, our pieces are welded thoroughly to make withstand any pulling or pressure during the time you sleep. Catch some Z's and get comfortable sleep without a single worry about you jewelry!

board with flight times

TSA At Airports

When going through the TSA, you are told to remove all accessory items such as belts, chains, etc to go through the security check. Many are required jewelry pieces but with permanent jewelry, you are not required to remove any welded piece you have because they are not detectable in the X-Ray. You are safe to keep wearing your permanent jewelry and travel freely around the world!

permanent jewelry women exercising

Athletic Activities

Before you take on an explosive workout, an adventurous outdoor activity or an intense match/game of the sport you play, permanent jewelry is securely welded on so even with the sharpest movements, you have nothing to worry about. In the case that there has been some sort of accident or damage, feel free to contact our jeweler to get a repair on us within your 1 year warranty!

Reasons You May Want/Need To Remove Your Permanent Jewelry:

permanent jewelry MRI machine

MRI/Doctors Visits

When going through an MRI machine, you are required to remove all foreign objects off of your body for safety precautions. Getting an MRI scan done could be very unexpected but we've got you covered! Bring in your removed permanent jewelry piece back to our office and we will re-weld it in minutes!

Doctors Visits:
Visiting your local doctor or an emergency room, the doctor may ask you to remove all accessories. They will have to carefully cut the permanent jewelry so that you can later on get it re-welded on. Just make sure to hold onto your permanent jewelry and store it somewhere safe so that you do not lose it and bring it back to use to get it put back on.

While allergies are relatively uncommon, they can occur unexpectedly in anyone. If that were to happen, it is recommended that you remove your permanent jewelry.
Change Of Style
Occasionally people change their styles and their sense of fashion. If for some reason your permanent jewelry doesn't appeal to you anymore, feel free to remove it. But if your permanent jewelry has sentimental value, we recommend you keep it forever! 
Unexpected damage can occur to any accessory you own. If your permanent jewelry has received damage such as scuffing, bending, warping or other damage that is irreparable, it is suggested to remove that piece of jewelry.
permanent jewelry professional workplace

Professional Requirements

Some professions such as food service or healthcare have strict rules on the type of jewelry can be worn for safety and hygiene reasons. If you workplace requires you to remove all jewelry, simply snip/cut off your permanent jewelry with a pair of scissors. 

3 Easy And Safe Ways to Remove Your Permanent Jewelry:

permanent jewelry pliers

Use Professional Cutting Pliers

Using professional cutters for permanent jewelry or any other small sized cutting pliers is a perfect way to snip away your permanent jewelry. 

permanent jewelry scissors

Toenail Clippers/Scissors

Toenail clippers or scissors are another easy method since every household has both of these stored away in your drawers! For scissors, it is recommended that you use regular sized or kitchen scissors for an easier cut.  

permanent jewelry removal of anklet

Schedule an appointment with your permanent jeweler

If you are not comfortable with taking off your permanent jewelry at home, schedule an appointment with out jewelry specialist for a removal. Come into our office and it'll take less than a minute!




Knives are great for cutting through vegetables, cheeses and meats, but they are not suitable to remove your bracelet/anklet. Do not use a knife to attempt to remove your permanent jewelry due to safety reasons. . 



Torches are great to make a delicious crème brûlée when handled with care and skill, however, do not attempt to apply a torch to melt a link on your permanent jewelry to remove it! Use something safe like clippers or scissors. 

permanent jewelry corrosive chemicals

Chemicals (Acid/Solvents)

Chemicals are something you shouldn't even consider when it comes to removing you permanent jewelry! Sure, they're great for cleaning tough stains, like grout between bathroom tiles, but chemicals will only tarnish and ruin your permanent jewelry and will not remove them! 


It is best that you reconsider removing your permanent bracelet if you are not required to. If you are required to remove it for medical, professional or personal reasons, I recommend either getting in contact with your permanent jeweler and ask him about the easiest and quickest way to remove your permanent bracelet or anklet. Not all permanent jewelry is made from the same material or is the same in size/thickness, therefore by explaining what permanent piece you have on and the material that you have, he will direct you towards the best removal method at home or invite you for a free removal at the jeweler's office!